The Homemakers

A. Who is a homemaker?

1. The term homemaker refers to both housewife or househusband and is independent of marital status.

2. Whom involved in school and childrens activities.

3. Where home-centred activities are most important.

B. What does a homemaker do?

1. Cleaning, housekeeping, cooking are part, but not necessarily be, a homemaker's part of duties. A homemaker care for her/his family and home.

2. Few full-time homemakers are involved in paid work outside the home, while some earn by working at home (Working-at-home-moms, WAHM) while many others opt to be devoted to her/his family without any kind of incomes (Staying-at-home-mom, SAHM)

C. What is the intention of "The Simple HomeMaker" blog?

1. To connect the author to the other homemakers. To learn from others' experiences and knowledge.

2. To show that being a homemaker doesn't need to be a stressful, if not a burden, job. There are things to joy and cherish by choosing/being one.

3. To understand that being imperfect is okay. There are times when we failed to accomplish our goal for the day or as a homemaker/ wife, so worry not.

4. To share activities that a homemaker can do, or how to simplify things, to ease the workloads etc. Life should be fun :)

5. To share and to care :)

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