How to centre hard-boiled egg yolks

Cara-cara untuk menjadikan telur kuning berada di tengah-tengah ketika merebus telur.

There are two common ways to perfecting hard boiled egg, so that when you cut the egg open, the hardened yolk should be centered, and the yellowish or greenish yolk color couldnt be seen from the outside.

Rolling the Egg while Cooking

1. The most common technique used by mothers outside there is by rolling the egg continually while boiling to prevent it from rising to the surface. Stir continually.

Adding Some Salt into the Water

2. Do you know that there is simpler way to centre the egg-yolks? Instead of continually rolling it while boiling it, you just add some pinchs of salt into the water and boil it.


I have tested method 2 and oh my, it was easy. The yolk might not be realllly in the centre but my boiled eggs never failed me :)


1. The Japanese TV programme also aired other interesting way of centering the yolks, that is via pinching the narrowest side of the egg with a needle, once, before you boil them.

 The narrower part of the egg is on the left side, obviously :)

I've tried it once but gosh, if you can imagine how hard it is to get the needle through the hard shell. I ended up pinching my own finger..sakitt.

2. If you plan to store the eggs, keep the narrow point down to beautifully center the yolk.

3. The white egg is 90% water with 10% proteins, while the egg yolk contains most of the protein and all of the fat, vitamins, and cholesterol.

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