Preserving the Tiny Memories - Hand Print Crafts

There are tons of hand print crafts that we can find on the net, but many only serves as cute displays or plain wall decorations- which is okay, but a realistic mom like me, I was indeed looking for some kind of crafts that could not just preserve her cute tiny hand prints, but are also useful and simple to make. Well, is that too much?

For asking too much, in the end I have to come with my own ideas!

p/s: You only need a pair of the traced hand print for this craft, but I had to make 2 pairs of the prints since Aisyah loved it so much, that I couldnt get any nearer to the first pair anymore. She would pick up her toys and hi-5 me with her foam hands :) Cuteness~

I've traced her hand prints on a foam paper, glued it to the 'photo-magnets', cut it out to the exact size and shape and...

An adorable custom made fridge-magnet that is not only simple, but also useful to a mom like me :) Boleh letak notes "things-to-buy" list or postcard from friends, or even her own pictures.
For the time being, Id like to leave it simple and plain. But you could add some cute decorations or even some stencils, poems etc on the hand-prints.. I really love to share some artsy ideas with crafty mommies n brilliant wives out there :) Let me hear from you :)
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